Top Themes - 2014

In the Middle of Where It’s all Happening

UAS mechatronics engineers are working on the development of test equipment for a space craft which should take off for the planet Mercury. Medical engineering students are researching user-friendly devices for therapy which should make the rehabilitation of patients at home possible in the future.


Service Included

Studying – the end of fun? No. Of course, studying takes priority - after all, students want to get their degrees. Yet one thing is also clear: Studying at a UAS is more than just learning, since things such as sports, culture, events, meeting friends all belong to the typical flair of a UAS.


Learning by doing

Get a taste of work for a whole semester: With the work placement, you can hardly get any closer to real working life. And while it is an important goal of UASs to qualify their students by preparing them for their selected professions, a work placement is an integrated element of education in the full-time study programmes for one semester (or at least three months).


World-wide Network

Anyone who not only privately but also professionally would like to explore the world is in the right place at Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences. One of the tasks of UASs is to prepare their students for the global market.


Studying According to the Building Block System

The majority of all fields of study at Universities of Applied Sciences and traditional universities offer study programmes in alignment with the "Bologna System": Bachelor – Master – PhD.


Women & Engineering – Brand new solutions

“That’s not the right thing for girls. You don’t need to do something that difficult! And you’ll certainly get dirty, too!” When the talk is about engineering, society still has a number of prejudices and unchallenged clichés. Girls who decide to pursue studies in a technical field often still have to justify their choice.


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