Architects operate in a challenging and creative occupational field and substantially help to form it. The visual range and span of their work is fascinating – the possibilities to specialise offer numerous opportunities. In this career, artistic responsibility counts more than ever in perceiving the balance between the good of the whole and individual, free interests. Future- directed solutions will be developed within the framework of new sustainable co-operations. A highly-specialised, modern services sector exercising ethical responsibility. The Bachelor degree program in "Architecture" places its main emphasis in the area of design and building planning. Synergies through the combination of engineering and architecture competences lead to impressive results both in the technical and in the creative and aesthetic aspects. Problem-based learning, workshops and complex project work replace to a large degree teacher-centered learning well-known from schooldays.

University of Applied Sciences: Carinthia University of Applied Sciences Study locations: Spittal Topic: Engineering, Communication, Media & Design, Business Duration of studies: 6 Semester Bewerbungsstart: 01.11.2020 Application ends at: 30.09.2021
Organisation form: Full-time Graduation: BSc Number of study places per year: 25 Study language: german

Study focus

For freshmen with limited background knowledge additional courses in mathematics, natural sciences, construction and English are also offered in the 1st semester.

Main Studies

The curriculum is organised according to a modular system. Each module lasts for one or two semesters and consists of cross-linked courses which are characterised by a common competence acquisition.

The project work extends across modules. In many cases it replaces lecture-style teaching and promotes interconnected and result-oriented thinking.


In the 5th semester students undertake an internship lasting 20 weeks. The students learn to usefully apply their theoretical knowledge in a professional working environment. In this way they gain invaluable work experience, learn technical and commercial decision processes and develop their social competence. At the same time students are able to establish important contacts for their future careers. Choice of and application to companies is the responsibility of the students. Internships abroad are also encouraged.

Admission requirements

school leaving certificate, a University Entrance Certificate or a vocational matriculation examination, German Language Skills Level B2


Mode of application: online via

Application deadline: 15.08.

Dates for admission procedure: ongoing

Admission procedure: Interview

Begin of studies: October (additional courses for freshmen in September)

Info days: FH Days, Studien-Info-Lounge

Tuition fees: 363,36 Euro / Semester

Work placement: Semester 5, 20 Weeks

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