Biotechnology applies natural principles and structures to technical procedures and products. With its enormous potential for growth and professional development, biotechnology is considered a key discipline of the 21st century. This is due to the advancement of biomedical research, on the one hand, which has facilitated the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. On the other hand; also the chemical industry has increasingly drawn on biotechnological processes to improve their methods with respect to sustainability and efficiency. Graduates of the master degree program in Biotechnology situate their work at the interface of technology and natural sciences. They employ biochemical, moleculobiological; and genetic methods alongside methods of engineering. The tasks of biotechnologists include the utilization of cell culture techniques, the operation of bioreactors, and the development of biotechnological procedures. They moreover convert methods developed in the laboratory into full-scale engineering operations, take full responsibility for the smooth running of production processes, or conceptualize and supervise bioprocess engineering systems

University of Applied Sciences: MCI Management Center Innsbruck Study locations: Innsbruck Topic: Life Sciences Duration of studies: 4 Semester
Organisation form: Full-time Graduation: MSc Study language: german

Study focus

  • Biotechnology (47%)
  • Current Industrial Projects (12,5%)
  • Scientific Methods & Master Thesis (33%)
  • General Management (7,5%)

Admission requirements

Graduates of relevant Bachelor programs Graduates of post secondary courses pertaining to the intended studies (i.e. process engineering, chemical engineering, biological engineering, biotechnology)


Application deadline:

Dates for admission procedure:

Admission procedure: Career background (30%) Written exam (20%) Interview (50%)

Begin of studies: October

Tuition fees: For students from EU & EEA countries: EUR 363 / semester; Details & information for students from third countries can be found at

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