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GAIT – Analysis and Rehabilitation

  • MSc
  • Extra occupational
  • German
  • 4 Semester

Unique Training in Gait Analysis and Rehabilitation

The human gait plays a central role when it comes to mobility and participation in everyday activities. Experts from various disciplines are involved in the diagnosis and rehabilitation process of gait impairments. The master degree programme “GAIT – Analysis and Rehabilitation” is unique in Europe and it provides you with comprehensive know-how and brings together the expertise of different professional groups in one educational programme. Graduates contribute to an improved coordination and implementation of care for affected persons in gait analysis and rehabilitation.

Educational Objectives

Development of a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the physiological and pathological gait

Application of different procedures of observing and instrumented gait analysis

Advancement of strategies for the development of rehabilitative measures in consideration of innovative (technological) therapeutic approaches*

Acquisition and presentation of insights from the field of gait analysis and rehabilitation through use of scientific methods

Skills for the communication of gait-relevant information to affected persons as well as experts from other professional groups

Comprehensive overview of working methods and roles of other professional groups accompanying the process of gait rehabilitation

Methods for the identification of trends and the establishment of innovative approaches in gait rehabilitation

Reflections on economic approaches regarding the incorporation of gait analysis and rehabilitation into the current range of services offered by clinics and companies*

* taking the framework conditions of professional law into account

In cooperation with the Physiozentrum für Weiterbildung

Target Group
Master Degree Programme

The master degree programme is aimed at interested persons who already have a university degree in a health profession (such as physiotherapy, human medicine or sport science).

Certificate Programme

In addition, members of adjacent professional groups who are directly involved in the process of gait rehabilitation are given the opportunity to complete a shorter certificate programme with 60 ECTS. These professional groups include, for example, orthopaedic technicians and orthopaedic shoemakers.


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Tuition fee:
EUR 3,300 per semester (excl. VAT) + ÖH contribution

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