FH Kärnten

Healthcare Management (Gesundheits- und Pflegemanagement)

  • BA
  • Full-time, Extra occupational
  • German
  • 6 Semester
  • Feldkirchen in Kärnten
  • 24 Plätze

The bachelor's program "Healthcare Management" enables students to pursue a career in the management levels of the health and social services sector. The innovative education addresses the major challenges of the health care sector and deals with topics such as early help, dementia or digitalisation. Due to the great growth potential in the health and care sector, graduates can expect a wide range of career prospects.

Thanks to the international orientation of the course, graduates can work both in Germany and abroad. Ideally prepared in the fields of quality management, health sociology, ethics in health care, legal bases in health care, communication and conflict management, students will have no difficulty in gaining professional experience even during their internship. 

What students should bring to their studies:

  • You are interested in business management issues and approaches in the health sector.
  • They are interested in the analysis and discussion of health economic interrelationships as well as questions of the design and financing of health systems nationally and internationally.
  • They are interested in taking on management tasks in the health care sector, e.g. in the areas of communication and conflict management, project and personnel management, quality and innovation management. 
  • You are interested in health sciences as well as in the interdisciplinary examination of current and future developments and challenges in health and social services.
  • You enjoy scientific work and writing in German and/or English and enjoy reading scientific publications.
  • You enjoy developing social-communicative skills, also in an intercultural context.
  • You enjoy team-oriented and self-organized work in small groups, in the context of application projects, workshops, planning and role-plays, research-based learning etc.

After successful completion of their studies, graduates have the following skills and knowledge:

  • They are familiar with the basics of health sciences as well as business administration and know the importance of these disciplines for the implementation of scientific findings in professional practice.
  • They know how to use and explain terms from the medical environment.
  • They can design, implement and evaluate health promotion and prevention projects for different target groups in different settings.
  • They have a command of theoretical principles, methods and instruments of communication and conflict management and put them into practice.
  • They demonstrate application-oriented know-how in the areas of project and personnel management as well as for innovation and quality management in the health care system.
  • They are familiar with the legal framework conditions and fundamentals of the health and social system.
  • They recognise health economic correlations as well as incentive systems and analyse the developments of the Austrian health system in the context of international reform developments.
  • They can apply professional presentation techniques.
  • They are well-versed in the basics of scientific work and writing.
  • You have intercultural skills and English language competence.

Entry requirements

In order to be admitted into a bachelor degree program at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences at least one of the following criteria must be fulfilled:
• Secondary School Leaving Certificate (Austrian ‘Matura’ or an equivalent international certificate)
• Higher education (University) entrance examination certification
• Vocational higher education (University) entrance examination
• Vocational (VET) diploma examination (vocational apprenticeship or completion of at least a 3-year vocational secondary school) with additional exams
Moreover, there are degree program specific additional prerequisites as well as more comprehensive information regarding admissions on the individual web pages of the corresponding degree program. The German University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule) entrance qualification certificate is only valid as an admission prerequisite for an Austrian UAS/FH bachelor degree program when combined with an applicable vocational certificate.
Later submission of required documents
Persons in their last year of school may apply for a study place in a bachelor degree program before taking their secondary school-leaving exams by submitting their most current secondary school grade/marks report. The secondary school-leaving certificate must be submitted during the registration process at the beginning of the semester.


Application mode:

Application time:

Appointment for the admissions process:
The written ranking tests will take place online starting in January.

Admission procedure:
Two-stage admission procedure: 1. written ranking test, 2. admission interview

Start of studies:
Winter semester 2022

Study information days:
Study counselling: ongoing • FH Days, Campus Days, Info-Sessions - please check the calendar of events on our website

Tuition fee:
363,36 Euro + ÖH Austrian Students Union Fee (about € 20,-, annual adjustment) per semester

10 weeks in the 5th semester

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