FHWien der WKW

International MBA in Management & Communications

  • MBA
  • Extra occupational
  • German
  • 3 semesters
  • Vienna
  • 15 places

Tackling all types of management situations requires great communication skills and sound expert knowledge. This conviction led us to launch our MBA program in 2009, pooling the strengths of FHWien der WKW in the fields of management and communication.

Our program has been internationally accredited by FIBAA, and has a fixed place in the highly competitive MBA market in Austria. Our goal: To equip you with all the necessary skills to analyze situations from a leadership perspective and develop solutions that are supported by the whole company.

We do all this in just 17 months. Rise up to the challenge!


  • Two weeks abroad at a North American business school
  • Prestigious strategy module based on material from Harvard Business School (made possible by FHWien der WKW joining Harvard Business School’s MOC network)
  • International accreditation (FIBAA accreditation)
  • Innovative, skills-oriented learning and fewer, more comprehensive examinations as part of a modularized curriculum
  • Career friendly format: 10 Friday/Saturday blocks per semester

Entry requirements

Decision makers/practitioners with or without a background in business, who want to develop their leadership skills and/or want to qualify themselves for a more senior position.
It is beneficial if applicants have already completed a degree (in Austria or in a foreign country)
Many years of relevant professional experience (part of which in a leadership capacity) before and during the MBA program.
A good knowledge of English

Management experience and university are beneficial, several years of professional activity before studies and relevant professional activity during studies, good English skills


Application mode:

Appointment for the admissions process:

Admission procedure:
sending application documents, personal interview, university places awarded

Start of studies:

Study information days:
Dates on the website: https://www.fh-wien.ac.at/en/?cat=61&post_type=event#start

Tuition fee:
Euro 6,500 per semester (incl. Austrian students’ union fee) Please note this does not include the travel and accommodation costs for the time spent abroad.

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