FH Kärnten

Bachelor Industrial Engineering and Management

  • BSc
  • Extra occupational, Full-time
  • German
  • 6 Semester
  • Campus Villach
  • 30 Places

Based on the major in economics and technology, the Engineering Management program provides students with a sound engineering education based on two main areas of specialisation: a technical specialisation in industrial engineering and an economic specialisation with a focus on innovation management and manufacturing economics. Students are trained to become "bridge builders" who work at the interface between business and technology in a wide range of industry sectors.

The course contents are conveyed in a practical and personal way, and the Industrial Engineering and Management course can also draw on a widely ramified network for this purpose. Students benefit from these contacts not only when choosing an internship, but also when it comes to projects and later on when it comes to job opportunities. In the Innovation Workshop and the Smart Lab they can develop and implement their own ideas and possibly even lay the foundation for a successful business start-up.

What students should bring to their studies:

  • A fundamental interest and a pleasure in economic and technical topics.
  • A creative personality who enjoys innovative developments.
  • Logical thinking skills combined with a good command of English.
  • Curiosity and the ability to work independently.
  • Good knowledge of English, mathematics and PC.

Concrete previous knowledge is not necessary for the Bachelor's degree in Engineering Management. Therefore, students from all types of schools can start this course of study after the Matura if they bring the appropriate interest and willingness to perform. In order to facilitate the start of studies, the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences offers intensive courses in mathematics, computer science and physics. Missing university entrance qualifications can be compensated by relevant professional qualifications and attendance of the pre-study course.

After successful completion of their studies, graduates have the following skills and knowledge:

  • They have basic knowledge in mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, business administration, economics and law.
  • They are able to analyse business problems holistically and solve them in a team, taking into account technical and economic aspects.
  • You understand the innovation process and are able to initiate and accompany innovation processes.
  • They apply the essential methods of statics and strength theory, kinematics and kinetics, construction and materials science as well as electrical engineering.
  • They participate in the implementation of control and regulation systems in mechanical plants.
  • They prepare holistic assessments of manufacturing processes under technical and economic parameters as well as technology roadmaps.
  • You will design basic concepts for production machines and production systems based on various requirement criteria.
  • They work out business models and business plans.
  • You will develop projects and create project orders.

Entry requirements

In order to be admitted into a bachelor degree program at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences at least one of the following criteria must be fulfilled:
• Secondary School Leaving Certificate (Austrian ‘Matura’ or an equivalent international certificate)
• Higher education (University) entrance examination certification
• Vocational higher education (University) entrance examination
• Vocational (VET) diploma examination (vocational apprenticeship or completion of at least a 3-year vocational secondary school) with additional exams
Moreover, there are degree program specific additional prerequisites as well as more comprehensive information regarding admissions on the individual web pages of the corresponding degree program. The German University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule) entrance qualification certificate is only valid as an admission prerequisite for an Austrian UAS/FH bachelor degree program when combined with an applicable vocational certificate.
Later submission of required documents
Persons in their last year of school may apply for a study place in a bachelor degree program before taking their secondary school-leaving exams by submitting their most current secondary school grade/marks report. The secondary school-leaving certificate must be submitted during the registration process at the beginning of the semester.


Application mode:

Application time:
The application period starts at the earliest in October of the previous year and runs until the end of September at the most -> See website!

Appointment for the admissions process:
ongoing until the end of the application period

Admission procedure:
personal interview

Start of studies:
ork friendly September/fulltime october

Study information days:
Study counselling: ongoing • FH Days, Campus Days, Info-Sessions - please check the calendar of events on our website

Tuition fee:
363,36 Euro + ÖH Austrian Students Union Fee (about € 20,-, annual adjustment) per semester

The professional internship for full-time students takes place in the 6th semester and lasts 15 weeks. For part-time students, the work placement can be credited if they have a job relevant to the subject.

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