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The Bachelor programme lasts six semesters, the following Master’s two to four semesters. The Diploma study programme lasts eight semesters.

Yes, graduates from UAS Master’s and Diploma study programmes can complete a Doctorate programme at a traditional university.

The pre-requisite for a Bachelor’s or Diploma study programme is a general qualification for university entrance (e.g. school-leaving certificate), a certificate from a secondary school providing a vocational education or a relevant vocational training. For a Master’s study programme, the pre-requisite is a completed Bachelor’s or Diploma study programme.

In principle, yes. As this is dealt with on a very individual basis, it is advisable to contact the respective University of Applied Sciences.

Yes. At most Universities of Applied Sciences it is possible to submit the transcript from your school-leaving certificate at a later time.

As there is a limited number of study places – and the number of applicants usually exceeds the places offered – various entrance procedures are conducted (ranking, interview, portfolio, group discussions, etc.). The deadlines for sending the required documents by mail or e-mail vary depending on the study programme.

The personal reasons and motives of the applicants for choosing the particular study programme are explained here.

Accepted applicants receive a written confirmation of acceptance.

This varies depending on the University of Applied Sciences. Information is available from the respective student advisory service.

Depending on your previous education, credit can be given for some courses. In addition, there is the possibility for an exemption based on tests of knowledge or on a request for exemption submitted directly to the course instructor.

For most of the lectures, there is mandatory attendance.

The work placement can be completed at home as well as abroad. The duration is usually 15 weeks.

Besides the comprehensive information on the websites of the Universities of Applied Sciences, the UASs offer information days or evenings, open houses, and personal, individual study guidance.

Compulsory military service must be completed before beginning one’s studies. If conscription occurs during one’s studies, no postponement can be granted. In the case of community service, the placement must not yet have taken place. If this occurs during one’s studies, there is the possibility to temporarily interrupt one’s studies for the duration of the community service.

Generally, the tuition fees amount to 363.36 euros per semester. There are, however, course-providing bodies which do not require tuition.

In addition to student grants, there are a number of other types of aid such as a study allowance, a travel allowance, insurance payment, aid for study abroad, a travel expenses allowance and scholarships. Information can be found at: www.stipendium.at

Studies are to be completed in the prescribed time. They are related to particular career fields and include a mandatory work placement, at many Universities of Applied Sciences a period of stay abroad. In addition to professional, practice-related content, importance is placed on the transmission of social competences and the acquisition of foreign languages. Studies are characterised by individual mentoring and work in small groups.

Graduates from a UAS and graduates from a traditional university are equal.

Yes, principally it is possible to register at two Universities of Applied Sciences. Due to the oftentimes long waiting lists at the institutions, it is naturally in the interest of the other applicants to withdraw your registration as soon as you know where you would like to complete the study programme.

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