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Electrical Engineering

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New technologies such as electric cars or renewable and ecological power

supply systems require fundamental research in electrical (energy) engineering.

DC grids (used in batteries, hydrogen systems, or to distribute and transport

electrical energy), and power electronics are the latest technologies aiming to

provide a green and environmentally-friendly energy supply. Introducing SMART

technology into our power supply reduces costs as well as increasing reliability

and accessibility for the end-consumer. This programme will educate the experts

needed to make electrical energy supply sustainable and future-proof. They will

be pioneering the future!

This international Master’s degree programme meets the demand of the electrical engineering industry which offers products, systems and services in the field of electrical energy engineering and whose companies deal with the development, production, operation and maintenance of electrical products and systems. Graduates are able to work on technically complex and interdisciplinary assignments. Possible careers could be for example related to products or systems responsible for high voltage installations for energy distribution or as a project manager for (further) developing electrical energy engineering products.

» Electromagnetic Fields in Multiphysics Systems

» Power Electronics, Control & Measurement Engineering

» High Voltage Engineering

» Digitalization of Electric Grids

» Energy Markets & Energy Law, Financing

» International Management and Development

» Ecology

» Social Competence


A-level/high school diploma or equivalent, interest in natural sciences, interest in intercultural team work, English skills at least at B2 level



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For students from EU and EEA countries: EUR 363.36 per semester + ÖH (Austrian Student Union) contribution  For students from non-member states: EUR 726.72 per semester + ÖH (Austrian Student Union) contribution. Merit-based scholarships are available.

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