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MA (CE) International Sustainability Communication

  • MA (CE)
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  • Englisch
  • 4 semesters
  • Vienna
  • 20 places

Sustainability is a highly complex topic and there is an urgent need for professionals who can tackle the most challenging issues organizations face today. The Master’s program will equip current and future thought-leaders and decision-makers with the rigorous academic knowledge and applied skills needed to understand and accelerate sustainability communication.

Thinking across the disciplines to blend socio-economic, communication and international perspectives, students will be in the position to make key contributions to foster, manage, implement and communicate sustainability strategies in organizations. This innovative program has been developed in consultation with leaders and future employers in business, non-profit, research and education.


The content and the order of the classes and modules for the MA (CE) International Sustainability Communication have been chosen so that an integrative overall understanding of sustainability communication is ensured. Students are prepared for their professional careers as sustainability communicators in the digital globalized world by acquiring technical, methodic, scientific and implementation-oriented qualifications and skills.

Curricula are improved on an ongoing basis so as to fit in with latest developments in the working world and new international trends. Our motto spans from “know more” to “do more” – meaning that we focus on practical usefulness of what is learned.

The program is taught entirely in English.

The program combines four different strands all connected to the central theme of sustainability communication.  Students are immersed in Master level communication topics which go beyond CSR and review communication theories from a global perspective. Internal, crisis and digital communication are fine-tuned all with a sustainability lens.

The second strand focuses on understanding the multi-disciplinary phenomenon of sustainability, reviewed from a psychological and sociological perspective.  Students will also gain a deep understanding of diverse stakeholders, learn about behavioural drivers and review strategies of how to influence and nudge them. Sustainability Reporting is a key skill and is addressed from the national, international and corporate level.

A third strand offers students an in-depth understanding of the economics of sustainability, sustainability strategy and not to mention the global leadership skills graduates in these disciplines will require to be able to drive transformation. Finally, connecting these strands are the modules focused on multi-disciplinary skills and practical projectstrend workshops and a summer excursion to reflect on sustainability at the European level.

Students can opt for either a full Master degree by completing all four semesters or for those who would rather focus on the content from the first two semesters,  they will be awarded the Academic Expert certificate.



  • Unique program in Austria: combination of international communication and sustainability
  • Career-friendly: high proportion of distance learning
  • Summer residential field excursion, 1 week


• Completed relevant Bachelor’s program at a university of applied sciences with at least 180 ECTS credits OR completed other relevant study program of at least the same higher education level at a recognized Austrian or foreign post-secondary educational institution
• AND at least 2 years of relevant professional experience
• AND you must demonstrate a level of English language competency that will enable you to succeed in your studies, regardless of your nationality or country of residence.



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