FH Burgenland

Cloud Computing Engineering

  • MSc
  • Extra occupational
  • German
  • 4 Semester
  • Eisenstadt
  • 25 places

The Master's programme aims to train and develop IT managers who can orchestrate the diverse application areas around Cloud & IoT (Internet of Things) - the technical building blocks of digitalisation. This degree programme is the right choice for you if you are interested not only in cloud technologies and the operation of modern IT solutions, but also in the underlying business models and strategies.

Online Bewerbung - FH Burgenland (fh-burgenland.at)


  • Industry-relevant certifications can also be acquired as part of the courses (e.g. VMware, Mircosoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, EuroCloud).
  • Unique degree programme in the German-speaking world - technical and economic-organisational implementation in the cloud
  • High proportion of current and therefore flexible topics in the curriculum (e.g. Industry 4.0 & digitalisation, Internet of Things and security, e-governance, e-health, blockchain, smart-*), Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Strong focus on practical applicability in professional life, both in terms of content and organisation
  • Optional collaboration in international research projects and the possibility of further doctoral studies via one of our partner universities
    - currently, among others, in the project Agri-Tec 4.0 with the development of smart and safe solutions for the agriculture of the future (Vertical Farming)
    - or in the project "With AI, students and plant factories against climate change"
    (Video; presented in the context of the event Science.Slam.Pannonia.)
    - further projects MIT 4.0Civis 4 PatriaBeste-AB
  • Unique didactic approaches in which you learn, apply and reflect on methods and technologies.

Occupational fields

Our graduates find exciting challenges in companies of all sizes that see technological developments as an opportunity.

Cloud & Cloud-based IoT Solutions Planning
Solution Architect, Product Manager, Consultant, Security Officer, Startup Founder, Opportunity Scout

Implementation of cloud & cloud-based IoT solutions
Implementation Manager, Project Manager, Software Engineer

Operation of cloud & cloud-based IoT solutions
Technical Operations Manager, Service Manager, Support Manager, PreSales, Data Centre Manager, CTO, CIO, DevOps Manager

Entry requirements

The Master's degree programme in Cloud Computing Engineering is open to graduates of at least three years of study at a recognised domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution (bachelor's, diploma and master's degree programmes at universities of applied sciences and universities, doctoral programmes).


Application mode:
online at https://www.fh-burgenland.at/

Application time:
31 May

Admission procedure:
Personal admission interview

Start of studies:
annually in the winter semester

Tuition fee:
No tuition fees

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