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Welcome to Austria! You are interested in studying here? Situated in the heart of Europe, Austria is the perfect place. Not only does it offer a high standard of living, a diverse landscape and a rich cultural heritage, it also provides excellent opportunities for studying. In Austria, you can study at a traditional university, a university of applied sciences, a private university or a university college of teacher education. When choosing between the four different types of higher educational institutions, there are some differences concerning the organisation and focus of the programmes as well as the time during your studies. The language of instruction is usually German. At universities of applied sciences in particular, there are, however, a wide number of courses offered in English.

In this FH Guide we will give you an overview of all the courses of study on offer at Austrian universities of applied sciences. We have put together some important information in regards to choosing a course of studies and for the time you spend in Austria during your studies.

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