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Embedded Systems

  • MSc
  • German
  • 4 Semester
  • Vienna
  • 30 Places
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The course content of the Embedded Systems part-time master’s degree program is focused entirely on embedded systems technology. In contrast to conventional computers, embedded systems are simple computers with a specific functionality that is integrated, or embedded, into the system being controlled or monitored. They consist of a combination of hardware (microcontroller, microprocessor, network, etc.) and software (program and communication control) and often contain components that handle sensor and actuator tasks. Embedded systems are found in communication devices, cars, and medical technology as well as in machinery and industrial equipment. The degree program is intended for graduates of bachelor’s programs at our UAS and graduates of other technical UAS and university programs. This degree program is taught in German.

Students learn to:

  • Develop reliable, fault-tolerant hardware and software for safety-critical applications while taking real-time requirements into account
  • Select, integrate, and optimize hardware and software components under special, application-specific conditions, such as low energy use or a small form factor
  • Embed systems; in other words, integrate application-specific hardware and software solutions into the environment to be influenced or controlled
  • Develop embedded systems hardware, in particular for chip and system-on-chip technologies
  • Design, program, and test embedded systems software for different platforms
  • Select system architectures for embedded systems and distributed embedded systems and adapt them to application specifics
  • Design embedded systems to be reliable
  • Design embedded systems for real-time applications
  • Design embedded systems for applications in control engineering and integrate them into the environment
  • Create specifications for, implement, integrate, and test overall ICT solutions based on functional and non-functional requirements, taking current standards, rules, and social aspects into account

Entry requirements

In order to enroll in this degree program, students must have a bachelor’s degree or other recognized post-secondary degree in a field of study related to information and communication technology (information and communication technology, computer science


Application mode:
Online application on

Application time:
Applications are welcome at any time in the academic year.

Admission procedure:
Entrance exam and interview.

Tuition fee:
Euro 363,36 each semester


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