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International Logistics Management

  • BA
  • German
  • 6 Semester
  • Steyr Campus
  • 55 Places
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Modern logistics is the organisation and control not only of material but also information. Optimising that symbiotic imperative across all sectors and departments of a commercial enterprise is crucial in today's regional, national and globalised market place. Logistics specialists are responsible for managing production, distribution, storage and delivery processes – all with the ambitious target of ensuring their businesses serve all customer groups in an optimal way. In other words, logisticians are key to a company’s success. Our degree programme "International Logistics Management" (ILM) provides students with all the necessary expertise for a long-term career success in this dynamic environment.

ILM graduates will be fully conversant with, and able to develop, successful and innovative logistics paradigms in a goal-oriented way. The programme provides the specialist and general

economic know-how for our graduates to embark with confidence on their chosen career path.

Logistics: understanding companies and their interfaces and processes,Management: managing and designing business, International management: operating internationally and leading teams,

Projects in companies: understanding business and putting knowledge into practice

Entry requirements

All information can be found under www.fh-ooe.at/ilm


Application mode:

Application time:

Appointment for the admissions process:
after the closing dates for applications

Admission procedure:
Entrance test and interview

Start of studies:
winter semester

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Tuition fee:
For students from EU and EEA countries: EUR 363.36 per semester + ÖH (Austrian Student Union) contribution  For students from non-member states: EUR 726.72 per semester + ÖH (Austrian Student Union) contribution. Merit-based scholarships are available.

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