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IT Security

  • MSc
  • German
  • 4 Semester
  • Vienna
  • 40 Places
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Over the past few years, information management and IT security have become increasingly important and pervasive in all areas of life. Almost all core processes in our daily life are controlled or influenced by information systems, and the threat to information security has increased significantly due to the globalization of data traffic. Because of the overwhelming volume of information in our modern world, graduates have to be able to recognize information sources and their significance in the context of specific processes. They must know how to categorize and standardize information in order to be able to save it efficiently in databases, to make it available to communication

partners without loss, to prepare it as explicit knowledge or to present it in a suitable manner. They must also be aware of the value of such information as a business asset and know how to protect this asset within the company and also against outside threats during communication.

Information management such as data management, information systems and system integration, Computer security (IT security, security structures, applied IT security, security management), Multidisciplinary qualifications (project management, technical and business English, information law, social aspects of information management and IT security)

Entry requirements

In order to enroll in this degree program, students must have a bachelor’s degree, graduate degree or other recognized postsecondary degree in computer science, information management, business informatics, or other related field of study.


Application mode:
Online application on

Application time:
Applications are welcome at any time in the academic year.

Admission procedure:
Entrance exam and interview

Tuition fee:
Euro 363,36 each semester


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