University of Applied Sciences Technikum Vienna

Smart Homes and Assistive Technologies

  • BSc
  • German
  • 6 Semester
  • Vienna
  • 30 Places
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The support of people with modern electronics and information technology is the focus of the course, which is unique in Europe in this form.

The Smart Homes and Assistive Technologies bachelor’s degree program focuses on the utilization of modern electronics and information and communication technology in order to help people. Students get a well-founded, holistic, and interdisciplinary education geared towards the development and implementation of needs-oriented solutions in order to improve the quality of life in people’s immediate (living) environment.

Assistive technologies support people with special needs and the elderly, allowing them to achieve a high level of autonomy in their everyday lives. Smart homes – the intelligent automation of people’s immediate living environment – represent an integral core aspect of assistive technologies. Among other things, the term smart home encompasses control tasks in the areas of lighting, shading, and climate control.


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Applications are welcome at any time in the academic year.

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Euro 363,36 each semester

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