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Electrical Energy & Mobility Systems

  • MSc
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  • 4 Semester
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ab 01.11.2021 bis 30.09.2022

In order to be prepared for the multitude of technical requirements future experts in Electrical Energy & Mobility Systems need to master, the program focuses on a range of important aspects of Electromobility. The program’s areas of expertise include Storage Units – „Battery“ Technology as well as Monitoring and Mobility Logistics. Equipped with this knowledge graduates are in high demand on the job market. They qualify for activities in private sector businesses as well as research institutions. “Electrical Energy & Mobility Systems” graduates are able to understand, develop and modify complex technical systems in the fields of electric power train development, drive control, electrical machines, mobile power electronics, battery technology, power electronics, alternative energy systems and mobility concepts. To support those careers, the program offers additional insights into Academic Competence Skills and Science Engineering.

Additional in-depth theoretical input is provided in the course of the degree. The first semester, in which electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, mechanical dynamics and academic competence are taught, is followed by two semesters of specialization in electrical energy & drive systems, power electronics, mobile energy storage, energy systems, automotive control, mobility systems and automotive logistics. In the fourth semester, the Master's thesis will be written in conjunction with a work placement. Upon completion of the final examination after four semesters, students are awarded the Master of Science in Engineering, MSc.

Facing common future technology challenges

Electrical energy and professions on electrical mobility and storage systems will play a vital role in facing common future technology challenges. As a result, a fast growing industry is in need of specialists and experts in the field of Technology in all kind of different systems focussing Electrical Energy Transformations. A new  Master Degree Program has been created to address these needs: “Electrical Energy & Mobility Systems” is the only applied science course in electrical energy & mobility systems for applied research and development professions in technology engineering. 

Wide variety of current technical developments

“Electrical Energy & MobilitySystems” prepares students for the upcoming challenges of future industry requirements. Technologies like Electrical Traction and Electrical Powertrain are already game-changing aspects of mobility that various manufactorers are just beginning to discover. Students get to experience a wide variety of current technical developments in an ever-changing, technology-driven world. This hands-on, practical degree program enables students to discover emerging areas: Electrical Drives & eMachines, Power Electronics & Power Control or Energy & Alternative Co-Generations will be thoroughly discussed during the course of the program.


Completion of a bachelor of arts/science degree that corresponds to the respective master degree program or completion of an equivalent degree program at a recognized Austrian or an international post-secondary institution of higher education


online via https://bewerbung.cuas.at/

Termin für Aufnahmeverfahren:
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Winter semester 2021

Master Session Online: 2.12.21 • FH Day: 4.2.22 von 9–17 Uhr • Open Campus: 4.3. & 6.5.22 16–20 Uhr | alle Campusse • Studien Info Lounge ONLINE: immer am 2. Dienstag im Monat, 14–18 Uhr • Studienberatung: laufend

363,36 Euro + ÖH Beitrag 20,20 Euro pro Semester


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