FH des BFI Wien

Banking and Finance

  • Bachelor of Arts in Business, BA
  • Vollzeit
  • Englisch
  • 6 Semester
  • Wohlmutstrasse 22, 1020 Vienna
  • 20
Online Application
from 03.10.2023 to 02.06.2024

Risk management, banking and corporate finance are among the core businesses of the banking and finance industry. The focus of the bachelor programme Banking and Finance is to grasp, both practically and theoretically, the complex relationships in the sector and the derivations thereof. The programme further entails extensive knowledge of the insurance industry. This combination is the foundation stone of your career set in the banking and finance sector.

Graduates of this programme can

  • identify and analyse the various operations of banks and insurance companies.
  • apply concepts and methods in consumer banking, risk management, mathematics and corporate finance.
  • distinguish between and evaluate insurance products.
  • put insurance controlling methods into practice.
  • analyse and propose solutions for questions related to finance (e.g. portfolio selection, fixed-income securities and options) and corporate finance (company finance and valuation).
  • combine intercultural management skills and occupation-specific English abilities in order to work effectively in an international environment.

Career options

  • Customer relationship manager
  • Asset manager
  • Account manager
  • Financial analyst
  • Portfolio manager
  • Auditor or tax consultant

Entry requirements

Austrian secondary school leaving certificate (Matura), Vocational matriculation qualification, general university entrance examination for social and economics sciences or foreign equivalent of an Austrian school-leaving certificate


Application mode:
Online admission test (multiple choice) (reading comprehension, English, mathematics/logic, business administration), Admission session

Application time:
02 June 2024

Appointment for the admissions process:
June / July

Admission procedure:
Online admission test (multiple choice) (reading comprehension, English, mathematics, business administration and degree-programme-specific section)

Start of studies:

Tuition fee:
€ 363.36 / semester


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