FH Salzburg

Business Management

  • MA
  • Full-time
  • German
  • 4 Semesters
  • Urstein Campus
  • 32 Places
Application period
from 01.11.2022 to 31.07.2023

The "Business Management" Master programme provides academically-grounded training and education in general business management as well as in specialized business fields. Students can choose one of three specialisations: Financial Risk Management, Service & Sales Management or Business Development, all of which are thematically tailored to dealing with change and risk. The curriculum has high practical relevance in today's rapidly changing and increasingly complex business environment. The degree programme imparts competencies needed for taking on management and leadership positions.

Students can specialize in one of the following fields:

Financial Risk Management, Service & Sales Management or Business Development

Entry requirements

Relevant higher education degree (Bachelor's degree or diploma) from a domestic or foreign higher education institution or completion of equivalent studies at a post-secondary educational institution


Appointment for the admissions process:
Please note the current application and submission deadlines on the FH Salzburg website

Admission procedure:
1. online application on the FH Salzburg website, 2. personal statement, 3. interview

Start of studies:

Study information days:
Online Info-Sessions May 23rd to 25th, 2023

Tuition fee:
363 Euro per semester + ÖH-fee

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