FH Kufstein Tirol

Digital Marketing

  • MA
  • Full-time
  • German
  • 4 Semester
  • Kufstein
  • 20 Places
Application period
from 25.10.2023 to 02.06.2024

The master study program Digital Marketing focuses on establishing skills at the interface of marketing, creativity & web technology combined with social skills and the conveyance of leadership qualities.

Digital Media Professionals

Societies and their markets are undergoing profound changes on account of the emergence of new media. Communication conveyed through media permeates daily life. Companies as well as consumers react to the new communicative environment offered by digital and social media such as Facebook, Instagram and the like combined with conventional media channels. Graduates of digital marketing constitute an increasingly important interface between companies and the individualized public within a knowledge society that is increasingly shaped by digital communication: Professional media usage is becoming indispensable for company success.

Core Skills Marketing, Communication & Web Technology

The full-time master study program is intended for full-time students with a strong interest in marketing and a pronounced technological affinity. Focal points consist in business-related training with focus on digital marketing management as well as a well-founded knowledge of media and technological developments in communication. Important aspects include user-centered cross-media production of content within the context of successful content marketing, suitable social media deployment and the sensible integration of various channels in an omnichannel marketing strategy. Graduates are optimally prepared for leadership positions due to their comprehensive knowledge in the core areas of digital marketing – combined with leadership-relevant social skills and practical project management abilities acquired through company projects.

Entry requirements

- Completion of a specialized Bachelor’s degree or degree course (technical college or university) or equivalent post-secondary degree
- Practical work experience
- Good English skills


Application mode:
Online application

Application time:

Appointment for the admissions process:

Admission procedure:
Admissions Interview, either online via MS Teams or on site at the campus in Kufstein. Weighting: 90% admissions interview, 10% professional experience.

Start of studies:
Each winter semester (end of september)

Study information days:
Open House: 02.12.2023; 03.02.2024; 13.04.2024

Tuition fee:
Per semester: tuition € 363.36 plus Austrian Student Union Fee


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