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Digital Media Production

  • Dipl.-Ing.
  • German
  • 4 Semester
  • St. Pölten
  • 30 Places

Your Way into the Creative Industry

From the idea and its implementation to the digital distribution: Expand your skills in dealing with audiovisual and multimodal media content. Learn in a practical and goal-oriented way how to use the latest technological possibilities for the implementation of your creative project ideas and how digital media production and distribution works today and tomorrow. Specialize in one of the following 3 master classes:

Course Contents

You gain basic competencies in the professional fields of economy, law, management and scientific work. As well you acquire skills in TV, video and audio production, storytelling, video, audio and studio technology, media coding, digital imaging techniques, information visualization, production of 360-degree video as well as augmented and virtual reality and much more.

Specialisation in the masterclasses

At the beginning of your studies, you can choose one of the three masterclasses and thus your individual specialization. In the masterclasses, you work in small project-oriented groups and acquire in-depth competencies on a theoretical and practical level.

  • Animation & Visual Effects
  • 3D Audio & Sound Design (de/en)
  • Film & TV

Career Prospects

In media production and distribution, current and to some degree completely new demands are developing for media technicians in the AV-sector. Because of increasing "user-generated content", new possibilities for the individualisation and differentiation of media content are required. This includes, for example, public relations as well as interactive technologies. On the other hand, new digital-media technologies are being developed to the point of market readiness in ever shorter cycles. Their targeted and efficient use requires an enormous amount of specialized knowledge.

  • Broadcast, TV, Film and Video Industry
  • Audio and Music Industry
  • Design, production, distribution and archiving of digital-media content
  • Interactive audiovisual media for entertainment, economy, teaching, art and culture
  • E-Government, E-Business and E-Learning
  • Audio and Video Technology
  • Journalism (video journalism, radio, online; technical editorial offices)
  • Creative Industries, Advertising and Marketing
  • Education, science and research in the fields of digital media, media content and media production
  • Engineering and Consulting
  • Digital Technologies (AR/VR, blockchain, KI, etc.)

Entry requirements

Completion of a relevant bachelor degree programme at a university of applied sciences or completion of an equivalent study programme at an accredited Austrian or foreign post-secondary educational institution with least 180 ECTS credits and a duration of at least six semesters.


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Start of studies:
annually in September

Tuition fee:
EUR 363.36 + ÖH contribution

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