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Digital Media and Communication

  • MA
  • Extra occupational
  • German
  • 4 Semester
  • Eisenstadt
  • 30 places

The Master's programme in Digital Media and Communication is the right choice for you if you have or want to have something to do with online communication professionally. If you come from the field of marketing communication and are responsible for online media there, you belong to the core group of our students. Or maybe you want to comment on the world and enter journalism as an online editor. You may already be developing online projects yourself, running a blog, maintaining the pages of your association or building a local network for the residents of your neighbourhood. Diversity of access is our trademark.

If you want to study with us, you should definitely have an interest in writing and design, creativity, media technology and communication. In the degree programme itself, you can expect to learn about media technology and media informatics, online marketing and community management, journalistic and editorial work, creativity and design, media business and law as well as specialist English.

The programme is part-time, but we don't want to hide the fact that we demand a lot from our students. 50 percent of the teaching consists of online assignments, independent work alone or in groups, reading pre-readings and professional articles or meeting in virtual classrooms. The time structure is such that you hardly have to take any leave or time-off days for the presence or online phases of your studies. Nevertheless, you should give this study project its due place in your life.

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What is special about us?

Well, on the one hand, it's the thematic mix of content production and media technology know-how, of marketing communication and editorial work, of media management and e-business, of the ability to work successfully in an established environment and the animation to break out of familiar waters, all the way to founding your own start-up.

Secondly, our time structure and high online content are unique. Enabling students to work alongside their studies forces the constant transfer of theory and practice. This is how "practice" becomes "best practice"!

Thirdly, it is the people who shape this programme. A mixture of full-time university lecturers and practitioners. For example, on the topic of search engine optimisation, we work together with Oliver Hauser, who organises SEOKOMM and OMX every year. The editor-in-chief of Zeit Online, Jochen Wegner, makes a guest appearance in the module Online Editing. Stephan Mayer, head of the Berlin studio of Bayerischer Rundfunk, will introduce the secrets of online communication with moving images. Twenty other external lecturers impart all the contents of the Master's programme in four semesters, tried and tested and in close exchange with the students. The programme is led by Michael Roither. The media expert and communication scientist most recently headed the Centre for Journalism and Communication Management at Danube University Krems.

Fourthly, we also take care of the international connectivity of our students. English classes, international guest lecturers and excursions to Berlin and Dublin, among other places, enable them to work in an English-speaking environment.


The Master's programme "Digital Media and Communication" (DMK Master) started in 2013 under the name "Information Media Communication" with the aim of training and further educating online marketing experts. The idea was to use the technical expertise at the Department of Information Technology at FH Burgenland and combine it with content production, organisational communication and marketing communication.

Our DMK Master's students ideally already work in the professional field of online communication - or are on the verge of doing so.

The Master's programme makes graduates versatile and prepares them for future leadership positions in public relations and marketing with a focus on online/social web, creative industries (communication agencies and advertising agencies) and media. If you ask today who among the students aspires to a management position in the next five years, at least a third raise their arms.

Online Communication
Social Media Manager, Community Manager, Content Manager, Communication Manager

Online editor
Online editor - researching content, preparing it for multi- and cross-media use and successfully communicating it to target groups on the web

Online marketing
Online marketer - communicate in a market-oriented way, develop and implement web-based business models, bring brands to life digitally

Entry requirements

Completion of at least three years of study at a recognised domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution (bachelor's, diploma and master's degree programmes at universities of applied sciences and universities) Detailed information at www.fh-burgenland.


Application mode:
online at https://www.fh-burgenland.at/

Application time:
31 May

Appointment for the admissions process:
from February

Admission procedure:
personal interview

Start of studies:
annually in the winter semester

Tuition fee:
no tuition fee

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