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Entrepreneurship, Tourism & Leisure Business

  • BA
  • Full-time
  • German, English
  • 6 Semester
  • Innsbruck

The program focuses on entrepreneurial thinking and acting in the tourism and leisure business. It is a comprehensive business program focusing on management, marketing, communication, digitalization, and sustainability in tourism, sports & leisure. The program also teaches social skills as well as two foreign languages. Altogether, this program will prepare you for a management position at a national level and abroad.



The Tourism, Leisure & Event Management major is primarily taught in German, with a focus on Event Management & Innovation. More than 90% of the content of the courses from the German-language track are identical with English-language track. The 6th semester is the international semester of the study program, which is conducted entirely in English. The two tracks are merged in the third year of the program (5th and 6th semester). The Bachelor's thesis can be written in German or English.


The Tourism, Sports & Leisure Business major is held entirely in English. More than 90% of the courses are identical to the German-language major, with a specialization in the area of Tourism, Outdoor Sports & Health. The two majors are merged in the third year (5th and 6th semester). The Bachelor's thesis can be written in German or English

Entry requirements

Applicants with a university entrance qualification Applicants without a university entrance qualification but with relevant professional qualification and additional exams in German, English and Mathematics


Application time:

Appointment for the admissions process:

Admission procedure:
CV & motivation and online admission interview

Start of studies:

Tuition fee:
For students from EU & EEA countries: EUR 363 / semester; Details & information for students from third countries can be found at

As part of practice-oriented projects, students are provided with the opportunity to work with local and international businesses. This allows them to immediately apply their newly acquired knowledge in practice and in collaboration with the project team. Their theoretical knowledge is further deepened by a mandatory internship of several weeks duration.

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