FH Upper Austria

Food Technology and Nutrition

  • BSc
  • German
  • 6 Semester
  • Wels Campus
  • 30 Places
Application period

Are you interested in the production of healthy food and would you like to complete a degree in this field? Also interested in the effects of food ingredients on human well-being? On this degree programme you will learn about the technologies of food production and associated quality assurance.

You will learn about food ingredients and their effects on health. The combination in this programme of food production and investigation, nutrition, law and quality management is unique.

>> Science subjects

Foundation subjects: biology and microbiology,

food chemistry, analytics, chemistry, mathematics

and statistics, physics, thermodynamics

Advanced subjects: molecular biology, instrumental

food analysis, microbiology, moleculobiological

methods of food analysis

>> Trophological/Nutritional science subjects

Foundation subjects: cooking and sensors, diatetics,

anatomy and physiology, raw materials

and nutritional value calculation, prevention and

health promotion

>> Advanced subjects: biochemistry and diatetics,

nutrition of certain groups of people, food

supplements and functional food, allergies and

intolerances, raw materials and nutritional value


>> Food Technology: food and raw materials,

industrial food production, purification processes,

beer brewing

>> General technical subjects: process engineering,

plant-, process-, and environmental engineering

>> Quality Assurance: food safety and law, including

qualification as a state-certified IFS manager,

Quality Management

>> Projects: practical work in the field, work experience/


Entry requirements

General university entrance qualification, Preparatory course for university acceptance or study preparatory programme at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences


Application mode:

Appointment for the admissions process:
after the closing dates for applications

Admission procedure:
aptitude test and interview

Study information days:

Tuition fee:
For students from EU and EEA countries: EUR 363.36 per semester + ÖH (Austrian Student Union) contribution  For students from non-member states: EUR 726.72 per semester + ÖH (Austrian Student Union) contribution. Merit-based scholarships are available.

Work Placement/Internship: Min. 10 week project in industry or a research organisation

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