Lauder Business School

International Business Administration

  • BA
  • Full-time
  • English
  • 6 Semester
  • Wien
  • 90 Places
from 10.01.2022

The International Business Administration bachelor program at Lauder Business School (LBS) emphasizes an international, competitive education in business administration with a strong focus on practical application. This program is designed to provide you with a well-rounded, state-of-the-art education and prepare you for employment in organizations and enterprises with an international focus. You will work on real-life management-related problems and equip yourself with the skills and competencies you will need for creative and effective decision-making in the dynamic business world.

A degree in Business Administration opens a vast array of career opportunities and develops broad foundational skills, such as analytic skills, critical thinking, communications, negotiations, coordination and decision-making. These are valuable in a variety of careers and across business fields. Moreover, if you opt for an International Business Administration degree at LBS, you will learn to work in diverse teams with people of different backgrounds and cultures. And when we say international – we mean it. At LBS we host students of 47 different nationalities from all around the world. On our campus you will meet your future business partners, colleagues, successful alumni, and potential employers. You will be able to enhance your professional network and leverage it also long after your graduation.

At LBS, emphasis is put on the practical side of education. Our experienced and committed faculty of real-world practitioners and academic researchers will give you a comprehensive introduction to the theory and offer practical examples from their professional life. In simulation exercises, real-life project work and industry-related research, you will be prepared to creatively and efficiently tackle business challenges.

Our students get the chance to study both the global economy and international business by merging the best that the American business educational system has to offer with the finest European business tradition.

Your Benefits

  • Fixed duration of studies (3 years)
  • Connect with the Bloomberg Professional Services
  • Real-world practitioners as lecturers
  • Interactive & international study environment
  • Group work & project-based learning
  • Learn one additional foreign language

Snapshot of Courses

  • Introduction to Business Administration
  • Finance/Marketing Business Simulation
  • Introduction to Data-Driven and Growth Marketing
  • Behavioral and Humane Aspects of Economics and Business
  • Research
  • Introduction to The Economics of Sustainability
  • Law and Organizations
  • IT
  • Economics
  • Languages


Starting from 4th semester students need to choose 1 of these specializations:

  • Marketing for SME’s
  • International Finance


Application mode:

Admission procedure:
Online Application -> Upload of Documents -> Essay -> Interview

Start of studies:
September 29, 2022

Tuition fee:
EU students: €726,72 per year // non-EU students: €1.453,44 per year

All bachelor students need to complete a 4-month internship during their 6th semester as part of the program.

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