FH Upper Austria

Marketing and Electronic Business

  • BA
  • German
  • 6 Semester
  • Steyr Campus
  • 50 Places
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Business today would be unthinkable without the internet. Cyberspace has fundamentally changed the way success in the market place is achieved. A company website is just the tip of the iceberg: buying behaviour is changing constantly, and online marketing has become an increasingly important selling strategy. Globalisation and cost pressures have made the internet the key tool for information and communication in the B-2-B marketplace. Today, any enterprise faces a huge variety of concommitant challenges in different areas including in marketing and management, and dealing with the pressures created by the World Wide Web and the social and ethical concerns of society.

Our degree programme "Marketing and Electronic Business" (MEB) addresses all these key issues and offers a profound economic and interdisciplinary education that aims to provide answers to many complex problems.

The Bachelor’s degree programme offers a profound economical and interdisciplinary education focusing on:Marketing und e-marketing, Electronic business, Internet and IT, Business administration/management

Understanding, developing and implementing business models, Social skills, Team-leading skills and an international outlook

Entry requirements

All information can be found under www.fh-ooe.at/meb


Application mode:

Application time:

Appointment for the admissions process:
after the closing dates for applications

Admission procedure:
Entrance test and interview

Start of studies:
winter semester

Study information days:

Tuition fee:
For students from EU and EEA countries: EUR 363.36 per semester + ÖH (Austrian Student Union) contribution  For students from non-member states: EUR 726.72 per semester + ÖH (Austrian Student Union) contribution. Merit-based scholarships are available.

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