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Medical Engineering and Analytics

  • MSc
  • Extra occupational, Full-time
  • English
  • 4 Semester
  • Klagenfurt
  • 20 Places

The Master degree study program 'Medical Engineering and Analytics' was developed with the vision and goal to meet the information technology as well as the organizational development requirements and challenges in the healthcare sector. Our students will learn to deal with these challenges through a thorough practice-oriented university education.

The core competence of the degree study program is the deepening of the fundamental understanding of the technical and organizational requirements within the information and communication technologies in the healthcare sector. Successful careers for our graduates are practically guaranteed through the acquired skill sets which can be put to use in solving the current requirements necessary in the fields of medical informatics, medical engineering and healthcare economics as well as future technical challenges.

Students can specialize in either of the following areas of emphasis:

Medical Engineering an Image Processing

The area of emphasis Life Science Technology focuses on topics in the area of medical engineering research and development. A special field of interest in this context is medical imaging systems and the resulting medical image processing.  This career field provides an especially interesting interface between technology, organization and medicine.

  • Medical device engineering
  • Telemedicine
  • Medical Imaging
  • Medical Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
  • Analog and Digital Signal and Process Data Processing

Health Informatics

The Master's degree program 'Medical Engineering and Analytics' emphasis Health Care Management & Economics connects business administration skills sets and know-how with (medical) technical expertise. Students receive a broad, yet specialized, view of the implementation of information technology and engineering as well as the organizational structures and processes in the healthcare sector.

  • Process and Quality Management
  • IT-Security
  • Logistics in the Healthcare Sector
  • Hospital Administration
  • Healthcare Management and Economics


Are you interested in studying Medical Engineering and Analytics online while maintaining the highest standards? Our HyFlex MSc program in Medical Engineering and Analytics allows you to study online with the possibility to do some lectures asynchronously at your own schedule and pace. Therefore, you can study from anywhere in the world and also combine the studies with your work and family life. We ensure the highest European educational standards at low tuition fees.


Are you interested in studying Medical Engineering and Analytics on-site but want to work part-time as well? The MSc program in Medical Engineering and Analytics is designed in a work-friendly way with the lectures given in the afternoon and on 2-3 Saturdays per semester.

Entry requirements

In order to be admitted into a master degree program at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences at least one of the following criteria must be fulfilled:

- completion of a bachelor of arts/science degree that corresponds to the respective master degree program
- completion of an equivalent degree program at a recognized Austrian or an international post-secondary institution of higher education

Later submission of required documents

Persons in their last semester of their bachelor degree programs may apply for a study place in a master degree program by submitting their most current transcript of records. The completion of the bachelor degree program certificates must be submitted during the registration process at the beginning of the semester.


Application mode:

Application time:
30.09. (15.05. for non-EU-citizens)

Admission procedure:

Start of studies:

Study information days:
Study counselling online or on site - FH Days, Campus Days, Info-Sessions - please enquire on our homepage

Tuition fee:
363,36 Euro + ÖH Austrian Students Union Fee (about € 20,-, annual adjustment) per semester


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