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OMICS Technologies and Data Science in Biomedicine*

  • MSc
  • Part-time
  • English
  • 4 semester
  • Krems

OMICS technologies are playing an increasingly important role in biomedical research, the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry, as well as healthcare. They are particularly important in the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in personalised medicine. For those who want to work and contribute to cutting edge research at the intersection of biotechnology and data science IMC Krems now offers a new part-time English-language master programme: Biotechnology and OMICS Data Science!

OMICS unravelled

OMICS technologies represent a relatively new field of research, describing the integration of various molecular biology methods ending in "-omics". OMICS technologies enable the simultaneous measurement of all molecules within a specific class in biological samples, providing a comprehensive picture of a biological system. OMICS analyses, for example, can identify indications of existing or potential future diseases.

OMICS Technologies and Data Science in Biomedicine at a glance

  • Focus on genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics
  • Personalised medicine meets digital solutions
  • Unique combination of core study topics
  • International focus and excellent career and PhD opportunities

What to expect from this master programme

  • Biotechnological principles, techniques, and their practical application
  • OMICS data analysis
  • Bioinformatics, data mining, artificial intelligence (AI), and data visualisation
  • Interdisciplinary problem-solving and innovation competencies
  • Research ethics and regulatory aspects
  • Leadership as well as multiprofessional and intercultural teamwork

Career options

As a graduate of our master degree programme in Biotechnology and OMICS Data Science, you can establish yourself in numerous professional areas such as:

  • biotechnological companies,
  • pharmaceutical companies,
  • genomic testing and diagnostic laboratories,
  • healthcare institutions and hospitals,
  • research institutions.

You also have the option to pursue a PhD at an Austrian or international university.

* subject to approval by AQ Austria

Entry requirements

To qualify for a master programme, you must have completed a bachelor degree – with a workload of minimum 180 ECTS and lasting at least six semesters – in a related subject or hold an equivalent degree from a recognised Austrian or foreign higher education institution.


Application mode:
Online application

Application time:

Appointment for the admissions process:
As of February 2025

Admission procedure:
Admission interview

Start of studies:
October 2025

Study information days:

Tuition fee:
Students from EU/EEA countries: € 363.36 + the Austrian National Union of Students (ÖH) dues amount of € 22.70 per semester. Non-EU nationals: € 200 registration fee (one-time) and € 9,500 EUR + the Austrian National Union of Students (ÖH) dues amount of € 22.70 per semester.

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