University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna

Projektmanagement and Organisation

  • Master of Arts in Business, MA
  • Extra occupational
  • German
  • 3 semesters
  • Vienna
  • 60
Online application
from 03.10.2023 to 02.06.2024

Project management serves as one of the pillars of a company’s economic success. For the realisation of projects, executives need comprehensive in-depth knowledge of project management, business analytical skills and social skills. The monitoring of change processes (change management) is one of the tasks of project managers, just as managing international projects. The master degree programme “Project Management and Organisation” offers an innovative, practical and at the same time scientific and profound academic training, which is suited to the needs of the economy.

Career options:

  • Management of complex temporary projects
  • Management of project-focused companies
  • Management of operational processes

Graduates of this programme can

  • assume managerial responsibilities for international and complex projects and programmes
  • implement and develop project management in organisations, and plan and manage project portfolios
  • select suitable management approaches (conventional/agile/hybrid) according to the projects and companies in question and evaluate how they are being employed
  • strategically manage project-focused organisations using interdisciplinary approaches and structure change
  • prepare, analyse and evaluate start-ups
  • analyse, evaluate, improve and manage process management and quality management systems
  • exhibit good social, communication and intercultural skills as well as resilience

Entry requirements

Secondary school leaving-certificate (High school Diploma) and completion of a social studies/business/natural science/ law/ technical degree in Austria or equivalent degree abroad


Application mode:
Online application

Application time:
02 June 2024

Appointment for the admissions process:
June / July

Admission procedure:
Online application, online multiple choice test, interview

Start of studies:

Tuition fee:
€ 363.36 / semester


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