University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna

Quantitative Asset and Risk Management

  • Master of Arts in Business, MA
  • Extra occupational
  • English
  • 4 Semester
  • Vienna
  • 20 Places
Online application
from 01.10.2021 to 15.05.2022

The internationally oriented, English language based master`s degree programme “Quantitative Asset and Risk Management” is aimed at students with high affinity to (financial) mathematics and statistics.

The course offers extensive know-how in the area of asset and risk management and is very convincing with ist practical applications. The international orientation of the degree offers graduates numerous opportunities for successful careers in the finance and insurance sector. This internationally-focussed master’s degree programme is run in English. Graduates qualify with a Double Degree from the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna and one of its partner universities: University of Bologna (Italy), University of Economics (Katowice, Poland) and Alexandru Ioan Cuza University (Iasi, Romania).

Graduates are able to

  • describe and analyse the connections between asset and risk management in finance
  • quantify and assess risk types in risk management, and infer measures for integrated steering of banks and insurance companies
  • analyse various asset classes and their products
  • carry out portfolio selections, and calculate key performance and risk measures
  • apply financial mathematics and statistics to developing financial models

Professional roles and functions

  • Asset management
  • Risk management
  • Liability management
  • Private banking and family office
  • Compliance and regulatory reporting
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Master programme Quantitative Asset and Risk Management

Entry requirements

- Secondary school leaving-certificate (High school Diploma) AND
- Completion of a social studies/business/natural science/ law/ technical degree in Austria or
- equivalent degree abroad in Economic sciences (at least 9 ECTS) and Mathematics or statistics (at least 6 ECTS).


Application mode:
Online application

Application time:
15 May 2022

Appointment for the admissions process:

Admission procedure:
Written application, online MC test, structured interview

Start of studies:

Tuition fee:
€ 363.36 per semester (+ € 20.70 fee student union)


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