Why a university of applied sciences?

Study programmes at Austrian universities of applied sciences are – like at traditional universities and other colleges – multi-tiered. There are Bachelor’s and Master’s courses of study. Doctoral studies can only be completed at a traditional university in Austria.

The first universities of applied sciences (UAS) in Austria were founded in 1994. Since then, the UAS sector has grown rapidly. Today there are 21 UASs in total which offer more than 700 Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in healthcare, life sciences, media and design, security, social fields, engineering and business. Almost 100 study programmes are held exclusively in English.

What is the difference between UASs and traditional universities?

  • Practical studies. A UAS study programme is academically founded and yet practical at the same time. In most Bachelor’s study programmes, students must complete a work placement.
  • Limited number of study places. The number of study places per year and per study programme are limited. For that reason, you always have to apply for a study place at a UAS and complete the entrance procedure.
  • A set timetable, personal advising, guaranteed places in courses and labs. Compared to traditional universities, UAS degree programmes are more comprehensively organised. For most classes there is mandatory attendance. Your classes will be held in small groups, and you do not have to worry about getting a seat in a lab.
  • Study fees. For most universities of applied sciences, study fees must be paid. A UAS course of studies costs € 363.63 per semester. An additional € 20.70 is to be paid in student union fees. There are scholarships and educational grants for students.
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