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Communication Engineering

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“Communication Engineering” is a two-year Master of Science degree program dedicated to prepare students for the challenges of Digital Transformation. It covers all major areas of modern digital communication in order to enable graduates to find new and ground-breaking applications changing the way we get and stay in touch. Deep technical understanding and knowledge are key in achieving this – the program has been designed to convey a wide variety of modern technical areas including 5G or RFID.

Graduates of the program get to choose between careers in private sector businesses as well as research institutions. They are sought-after experts in fields like Advanced Programming, Applied Algorithms in Network Engineering, Communication Networks and Mobile Networks. As Communication Engineers they are working at the core of an integral part of our information society – and at the core our everyday lives.

Enable Cross-cultural Communication

The spread of modern communication technologies is breathtaking: More and more people all around the globe discover new ways and means to stay in touch – bridging large distances, national and cultural borders or even generational gaps. Very few of them actually realize the high complexity and technical knowledge that is needed to enable Cross-cultural Communication. Students of the Master Degree Program “Communication Engineering” are receiving this knowledge first-hand.

Get prepared for the challenges of Digital Transformation

“Communication Engineering” prepares participants for the upcoming challenges of Digital Transformation. Technologies like 5G or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) are already game-changing aspects of Digital Communication that various industries are just beginning to discover. Students get to experience a wide variety of current technical developments in an ever-changing digital world. This hands-on, practical degree program enables students to oversee the multitude of data streams in technical networks and to plan and administer modern communication systems such as Optical Networks, Distributed Systems or Embedded Web Applications.

In order to be prepared for the multitude of technical requirements Communication Engineers need to oversee, the program focuses on a range of important aspects of Digital Communication. The program’s areas of expertise include Radio Frequency Communication, Advanced Mathematics, Digital Signal Processing, IT Network Planning and Mobile Computing. Additionally, students learn about Network Modelling, Next Generation Access, Mobile Network Planning, Network Security, Photonics, Compression Technologies and Multimedia Data Formats.

Equipped with this knowledge graduates are in high demand on the job market. They qualify for activities in private sector businesses as well as research institutions. To support those careers, the program offers additional insights into Academic Writing, Business Strategies and Processes, Controlling, IT Legal Aspects and Scientific Communication.

Communication Engineering is built upon the three-year Bachelor of Science degree program Network & Communication Engineering. The integral concept of the degree program, however, allows students who have graduated from similar undergraduate programs to enroll. These could be BSc or Diploma Engineering programs from the fields of Informatics, Electrical Engineering or Technical Mathematics from a university or a university of applied sciences.


Für die Zulassung zu einem Master-Studiengang an der FH Kärnten muss mindestens eines der folgenden Kriterien erfüllt sein:

- Abgeschlossenes facheinschlägiges Hochschul-Bachelor-Studium
- Abschluss eines gleichwertigen Studiums an einer anerkannten inländischen oder ausländischen postsekundären Bildungseinrichtung

Nachreichung von Dokumenten

Personen im letzten Semester eines Bachelor-Studiengangs können sich bereits vor Studienabschluss mit dem letzten aktuellen Transcript of Records für einen Studienplatz eines Master-Studiengangs bewerben. Die Abschlussdokumente des Bachelor-Studiums müssen bei bestandenem Aufnahmeverfahren bis zum Studienbeginn nachgereicht werden.




Termin für Aufnahmeverfahren:
laufend bis zum Ende der Bewerbungsfrist


Wintersemester 2022

Master Session Online: 12.4.22 • Open Campus: 6.5.22 | alle Campusse • Studien Info Lounge ONLINE: immer am 2. Dienstag im Monat, 14–18 Uhr • Studienberatung: laufend

363,36 Euro + ÖH Beitrag 20,70 Euro pro Semester


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