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Global Sales and Marketing

  • BA
  • Vollzeit
  • Englisch
  • 6 Semester
  • Campus Steyr
  • 51 Plätze

Internationally successful in Sales, Export & Marketing

The globalisation and digitalisation of the world economy creates interesting challenges and opportunities to work in the export sector and in internationally operating companies. Austria’s export economy has succeeded in setting international, sustainable standards and solutions in many fields, notably industrial plants, machinery, technological goods and services. These global operations generate a great demand for suitably qualified sales and marketing personnel. The Bachelor’s degree programme Global Sales and Marketing is designed to provide its students with all the skills they need to meet this demand and is held entirely in English.

Career Profile

Graduates of the Global Sales and Marketing Bachelor’s degree programme are qualified to work in a company of any size and in all sectors. A typical job description would be a management position responsible for international business of a European company; this includes the post of product manager, key account manager or marketing, export and sales manager.

Study Focus

→ Practical and application-oriented tuition in sales (management) for industrial customers

→ B2B marketing to be able to sell products and services to companies world-wide

→ Important qualifications in order to work in the export business & international trade

→ Intercultural management to deal with cultures around the globe

→ Technical basics that enable to work in a B2B environment

→ Three foreign languages taught by native speakers

→ Social skills needed for dealing with top customers and being successful in foreign countries


Hochschulreife (z. B. Matura/Abitur, Studienberechtigung oder Berufsreife)



Termin für Aufnahmeverfahren:
after the closing dates for applications

entrance exam, personal interview



→ EU/EWR-Bürger: 363,36 EUR pro Semester (zuzüglich Österreichischer Studentenwerksbeitrag). → Staatsangehörige aus Nicht-EU/EWR-Ländern: 726,72 EUR pro Semester (zzgl. ÖH-Beitrag) Studentenwerksbeitrag). Verfügbare Stipendien.

→ nine weeks in 6th semester

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