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Medical Engineering

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  • Vollzeit
  • Englisch
  • 4 Semester
  • Campus Linz
  • 23 Plätze
ab 16.09.2020 bis 30.06.2023

The Master’s degree programme in Medical Engineering enables its students to engineer medical products and place them on the market. Students apply fundamentals of engineering and science in 3 out of 4 areas of technology (electronics, biomechanics, medical device software, materials) connected to medical systems engineering and product development. The academic part of students´ education is enhanced by a Master’s thesis, which allows them to work intensely on certain research and/or professional areas of interest. Graduates are engineers qualified to develop medical and rehabilitation devices within the regulatory framework of European markets and the ability to consider FDA regulations.

In small teams students gain experience, how to develop medical products. Therefore we combine scientific methods with practical applications.

»  Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Clinical Trials

»  Medicine for Medical Engineers » 

 Electronics, Biomechanics, Medical Device Software or Materials Technology

»  Medical Devices and Systems in Diagnostics, Treatment and Rehabilitation

»  Medical Systems Engineering

»  Regulatory Affairs

»  Projectwork and Master’s Thesis

»  Students participate in a number of R&D projects during the programme


Graduates of Medical-/Biomedical Engineering bachelor’s degree programmes with 180 ECTS points or more; Graduates with degrees in other technical areas




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Mitte September

363,36 Euro pro Semester plus ÖH-Beitrag für Studierende aus EU- und EWR-Staaten. Info für Studierende aus Drittstaaten unter http://www.fh-ooe.at/info-finanzielles

Projektarbeit im Rahmen der Ausbildung

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