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Wirtschaft - Intercultural Management

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ab 01.11.2021 bis 30.09.2022

Foreign Language skills are an integral part of the Intercultural Management program. Intercultural Management is taught through English as a medium of instruction. Hence, applicants require strong English skills (B2) to apply and will further expand their ability to use English in an academic and business context. Intercultural Management students choose to specialize in either German or Italian. Austrian and German-speaking students require intermediate language skills in either Italian or another foreign language to be able to study Intercultural Management. Non-German speaking students require no Italian or German skills and can learn German as total beginners and reach level B2. Additionally, all Management students have the option to choose from our elective foreign language courses in French, Russian and Spanish.

Specialization in Language

Intercultural Management offers students a business degree in English with a specialization in Language and Intercultural Communication. The program is aimed at individuals interested in working in an international business environment. Students deepen their knowledge and understanding of culture and either the German or Italian language and can choose from our elective foreign language program.

Real-life challenges in the international business world

Intercultural Management students are introduced to approaches and strategies for dealing with real-life challenges in the international business world. Experienced practioners and lecturers provide activating course contents and methods, such as case studies, experiential learning and excursions, motivating students to interact and engage with each other and their professors in the learning process. 

Intercultural Management combines business and management know-how with intercultural communication competence and languages. Intercultural Management is an international study program aimed at internationals and internationally-minded individuals keen to further their ability to manage cultural differences effectively.

Job & Career

In our globalized economy, with increased cross-border alliances, expanding e-commerce and more complex customer relations, there is a growing demand for business professionals skilled in managing cultural differences effectively. Intercultural Management addresses the needs of international business today.

Graduates of Intercultural Management have studied abroad, learnt at least one if not two foreign languages and have already gained experience in working with international and culturally diverse groups. The combination of Business, Languages and Intercultural Communication and Management offers graduates the basis to succeed in internationally-oriented organizations in Austria and abroad.

Possible fields of employment include:

  • Management roles for international Austrian businesses and organizations
  • International Project Management
  • International Human Resource Management
  • International Marketing


Secondary School Leaving Certificate or Higher education (University) entrance examination certification or Vocational higher education (University) entrance examination or Vocational (VET) diploma examination with additional exams



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winter semester 2021

Master Session Online: 2.12.21 • FH Day: 4.2.22 von 9–17 Uhr • Open Campus: 4.3. & 6.5.22 16–20 Uhr | alle Campusse • Studien Info Lounge ONLINE: immer am 2. Dienstag im Monat, 14–18 Uhr • Studienberatung: laufend

Tuition fee EURO 363,36 + Austrian Students Union Fee (ÖH) EURO 20,20 per semester

compulsory internship of 12 weeks in the 6th semester; internship abroad possible

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