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  • BSc
  • German
  • 6 Semester
  • St. Pölten
  • 30 Places

The Role of Nutrition in Medical Therapy

Healthy nutrition and the targeted application of nutritional therapy is becoming increasingly relevant in all medical disciplines. The bachelor degree in Dietetics provides you with well-founded knowledge in the areas of prevention and nutritional therapy, counselling and communication, as well as with research and management skills.

Course Contents

The curriculum has a modular structure and takes current and future healthcare needs into account. In addition to imparting technical, methodological, socio-communicative and scientific skills, great value is placed on “future work skills”:

  • critical thinking
  • social intelligence
  • cross-cultural competencies
  • new media literacy

The practical training comprises a quarter of the total workload and is divided between the semesters – the higher the semester, the higher the proportion of the practical training.

Internship Nutrition Management

The final 12-week internship in the sixth semester enables students to set individual priorities in their studies. Not only can you gain valuable work experience during this time, you can also make contacts and build networks. Internships abroad can be funded under the Erasmus Programme.

Career Prospects

  • nutrition-oriented health promotion and prevention (Public Health Nutrition)
  • curative patient care outside of clinics
    • as a freelance dietician
    • or in outpatient rehabilitation facilities
    • in primary care centres
  • curative patient care in clinics and hospitals
    • in nursing homes
    • as well as in rehabilitation (rehabilitation centres, sanatoriums)
  • in the management of health care facilities
  • applied research and development
  • in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry
  • teaching and lecturing

Entry requirements

General university entrance qualification or a relevant professional qualification


Application mode:
For more information visit:

Application time:
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Appointment for the admissions process:
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Admission procedure:
Computer-aided general aptitude test and written subject-specific test as well as personal interview

Start of studies:
annually in September

Tuition fee:
EUR 363.36 + ÖH contribution

12-week internship in the sixth semester

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