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Digital Business Communications

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Study Digital Business Communications

The future of communication is digital and sustainable. Our part-time degree programme prepares you ideally for this future - with a strong practical orientation, a focus on digitalisation and sustainability, excellent communications and English skills as well as profound legal and economic knowledge. Become an expert in digital and sustainability communications in just 2 years!

Course Contents

In this part-time degree programme with distance learning components, you will acquire a high level of communication, media and visualisation skills. With this package of communications skills, you can optimally shape the future of corporate and sustainability communication.

You will combine application skills in corporate communications, content creation and web design with profound digital understanding. With the knowledge of which machine learning and AI approaches are used in corporate and sustainability communication, you can effectively and strategically manage the digital transformation.

Our Master's programme also imparts legal knowledge as well as knowledge of the business and capital markets. The focus is on stakeholder management and a behaviour-oriented understanding of management. Business psychology, ethics and CSR as well as business sociology are central pillars of the programme.

We make you an expert in

  • Corporate Communications
  • Investor & Public Relations
  • Sustainability Communications & Reporting
  • Digital Reporting
  • and much more.

Close connection to practice

Put your expertise to the test right away: During your studies, you will gain experience in numerous practical projects with companies:

  • the conception of digital communication and reporting strategies,
  • Designing corporate websites,
  • online annual reports,
  • digital sustainability reports or
  • developing social media campaigns in public and investor relations.

You can also deepen your knowledge by visiting renowned professional conferences as part of your studies and already make important contacts for your career path during your studies.

Language competence: English

You can perfect your English skills in foreign language and subject-related courses.

You learn subject-related English at various levels: About one third of the courses are held in English. English is also anchored in the curriculum:

  • Financial English (1st semester): prepares you for the subject-related courses that are held in English.
  • Scientific English (2nd semester): You learn science-related language skills and how to write scientific papers in English yourself.

Individual specialisation (3rd and 4th semester)

Select 2 out of 3 specialisations for individual in-depth studies:

  • Investor Relations
  • Digital Reporting
  • Sustainability Communications & Reporting

Career Prospects

You would like to put your creativity, communication skills and business competence to the best possible use as a communications expert in a globally active company or a renowned agency? Strategic and visionary thinking are among your strengths, and you like to steer processes or plan events? Or do you rather see yourself as a journalist for a well-known news agency or editorial office – researching, writing and reporting on companies, markets, and economic and social developments? 

Fields of Work and Activity:

  • As experts in corporate communications / public relations / investor relations / agencies, or as communications consultants: Development of a (digital) communication strategy, Design of (digital) business and sustainability reports, Organisation of (virtual) events such as general meetings, press and web conferences, etc.
  • As reporting and controlling experts in companies: Data and information management with a digital focus, Conception and design of (digital) financial and non-financial reports, Implementation of digital technologies and state-of-the-art planning and reporting instruments such as visualisation technology, data storytelling, etc.
  • As data, financial or business journalists for editorial offices / news agencies / blogs: Production of media content for various channels, Communication with the general public and specialist audiences using innovative visualisation and communication technologies and media channels, Research, networking with press offices, political and business institutions, capital markets, stock markets, etc.

Entry requirements

Completion of a relevant bachelor degree programme at a university of applied sciences or completion of an equivalent study programme at an accredited Austrian or foreign post-secondary educational institution with least 180 ECTS credits and a duration of at least six semesters.


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Start of studies:
annually in September

Tuition fee:
EUR 363,36 per Semester + ÖH-Beitrag

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