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  • Master of Science in Engineering (MSc)
  • Extra occupational
  • German
  • 4 semesters
  • Vienna
  • 25 study laces
Application period
from 02.10.2023 to 15.07.2024

The intertwinement of telecommunications, mobile communications and data networks is turning IT security into an explosive topic and a key risk factor in today's businesses. Services such as e-commerce, e-government or digital media and their copyright protection severely stress data, network and transmission security. In the Master's degree program you will be specializing in aspects of technical security and the "human risk factor"

What we offer you

IT security is a highly agile field. Attacks on servers and networks are getting increasingly sophisticated. Our state-of-the-art network laboratory where you may refine your strategies for preventing unauthorized access and develop measures and scenarios for protection is at your disposal. You will have the opportunity of participating in research and development (R&D) projects, engaging in active exchange between science and practice at the university. The degree program also includes an own "IT security competence team", working in close cooperation with companies. The research focuses on the transmission of data, safe from manipulation or eavesdropping.

What makes this degree program special

The number of mobile end devices will continue to increase and thereby also the demands made on data security for these tiny devices with their weak computing power. Sensor nodes which, albeit very versatile, are also small and have limited computing capacity and very little storage space are another example. Contrasting with these, we have the Cloud with its seemingly infinite computing and storage resources. The IT Security Master's degree program addresses both these developments in its research program.

The course experts implement, evaluate and compare a diversity of cryptographic algorithms in the affiliated Competence Center for IT Security.

The goal is to establish easily realizable secure data encryption options in practice. Findings are directly incorporated into the degree program to assuring you, the Master's student, of a decisive advantage of knowledge. The specialist know-how of our lecturers is also in high demand internationally. Experts of the IT Security Competence Center are often asked to participate as speakers at international conferences on data security and data protection. Papers published by the IT experts often receive awards such as the FH Best Paper Award, repeatedly awarded to FH Campus Wien.

Entry requirements

• A Bachelor degree or diploma certificate from an institute of higher education with a total of 180 ECTS credits with at least 42 ECTS credits in the relevant subjects of information technology, software engineering and network engineering. In exceptional cases, the University Council will make a joint decision with the Program Director.
• Equivalent certification from abroad. Equivalence is determined by international agreements, validation or in individual cases a decision by the head of the academic section.
• The admission requirements are satisfied with successful graduation from the Computer Science and Digital Communications, Information Technologies and Telecommunication (discontinued) and Applied Electronics Bachelor degree programs offered at FH Campus Wien.

Further information can be found on the website FH Campus Vienna.


Application mode:
Online application

Application time:
02 October 2023 to 15 July 2024

Admission procedure:
Written test and admission interview

Start of studies:
Winter semester

Study information days:
Online-Infosessions for prospective students at https://www.fh-campuswien.ac.at/en/studies/online-infosessions.html

Tuition fee:
tuition fee/semester: € 363,36, tuition fee for students from third countries € 727,- per semester + ÖH premium/semester. Additional study expenses currently up to € 83,- depending on degree program and year

No (vocational) placement

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