27. Aug 2021
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2,300 hours of practice

The training of healthcare professionals has been a focus at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences for years. The Bachelor of Nursing prepares students theoretically and, above all, practically for their demanding work as healthcare experts.

Studying at a university of applied sciences always means gaining comprehensive insights into professional practice. This is especially true in the field of health care and nursing. During their studies at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, students therefore complete various internships for a total of 2,300 hours.

Practical insights

For Christina Mayrhofer, who graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health Studies in the summer of 2021, these insights into practice were decisive in deciding which area of nursing she would like to work in later. "At the beginning I had a wishful idea of what I wanted to do after graduation, but during my training I got to know many additional areas", says Mayerhofer. Through her practical experience "at the bedside", the young nurse soon realized that she would like to work in the outpatient sector or in an intensive care unit in the future, and that she would also like to get involved in social work.

Academic nursing

Graduates of the Bachelor's degree programme Nursing at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences work in all areas of the upper echelons of health care. "Our nurse experts have a central task in case management. Together with patients, they decide which measures are to be carried out when and how, in order to maintain or improve the quality of life and to support healing. They lead the nursing teams and plan and evaluate the basic nursing tasks that are carried out by the nursing assistants", explains programme director Babette Grabner.

Broadely based

The Bachelor's programme in Nursing is a theoretically sound, scientific education with a high level of practical relevance. In six semesters, students complete several internships for a total of 2,300 hours. The practical hours take place in hospitals, at home nursing services, in long-term care facilities and other health care institutions. With a Bachelor of Science in Health Studies, students have excellent career prospects and are well prepared for work in a wide variety of nursing institutions.