13. Sep 2022
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Advertising in space

Lauder Business School (LBS) students developed an innovative and unique concept of marketing: they helped build a gondola for advertising in space. It was attached to a weather balloon that successfully flew into the stratosphere on 17 July.

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LBS students helped build a gondola for advertising in space

Emotions ran high as Lauder Business School, together with the TU Vienna Space Team, the University of Stuttgart's KSat small satellite group and Senseair, launched their first advertising weather balloon into the sky. The balloon was designed to measure and record experimental environmental and weather data at various altitudes with the help of a cube satellite and was also the exclusive advertising space for PwC Austria, Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark, refurbed and Vodafone.

Highest advertising spot ever

After a successful launch, the weather balloon reached its maximum flight altitude of 37,500 meters without any problems and was able to collect the experimental data for the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics. A few minutes before it burst as scheduled, the advertising messages of the 4 corporate partners were filmed against the backdrop of space.

The extraordinary space project is an interdisciplinary collaboration that brings together business acumen and aerospace engineering. As part of the "IOT-Futuretrail" course, future Lauder Business School graduates will gain a solid digital foundation to complement their business know-how. "Our success", says LBS project manager Robert Kotal, "is also that the project has paved the way for future joint efforts of this kind and strengthened collaboration with our academic and corporate partners."