25. Jul 2022
© Forbidden Folds

The computer game WHALIEN is a final project of students in the MultiMediaArt and MultiMediaTechnology degree programmes at FH Salzburg. It won the Ubisoft Newcomer Award at the German Developer Awards 2020. The winning team has now founded a start-up and is working flat out to complete their colourful puzzle game. It is due to be released this year!

Ernest Hemingwhale is the protagonist of the game and lives in a mechanical whale called Fin. When he is infested by so-called squiddies, he has to go on a whale-tastic adventure with his magic gloves. FH Salzburg graduates Herwig Atzlinger, Martin Birner, Andreas Lang, Jakob Vogel and Ralf Zobl have recently received much media praise and enthusiastic fan reviews for the demo version of their computer game WHALIEN. "The fact that we, as a young start-up, are getting so much attention for our game even before its completion is a real stroke of luck", say the founders of the developer studio Forbidden Folds. They are currently working on the completion of WHALIEN, which is to be launched this year.

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Ernest Hemingwhale is the protagonist of WHALIEN. He lives in a mechanical whale called Fin.© Forbidden Folds

Outstanding multimedia education

Students of the Bachelor's and Master's programmes MultiMediaArt and MultiMediaTechnology at FH Salzburg already work closely together during their education programmes. In interdisciplinary teams they learn to develop sophisticated cross-media projects such as feature films, games or interactive media installations. The highlight of their multimedia studies is the Master's project, which students with different specialisations (design, image, software development, interaction and audio) implement together just as in a professional studio.