29. Feb 2024

New partnership with Longwood University in Virginia

Lauder Business School (LBS) has recently signed a letter of intent with Longwood University, Virginia, USA, securing an agreement of international cooperation in education and research. Starting in Spring 2024, LBS students will be able to spend a semester in Virginia, and American students will get the opportunity to come here and experience the LBS campus life.

Longwood University, a historic public university founded in 1839, is committed to inspiring students to become citizen leaders. It gained national notoriety in 2016, when it hosted the U.S. Vice Presidential Debate, and their basketball and softball teams are in the spotlight for their performances at the National Collegiate Athletic Association games.

Exchange and joint projects

Both institutions share common goals of growth and progress, and foster an environment of excellence and high performance. To this extent, the exchange of students, faculty and scholars, as well as joint research and collaborations on summer programs set the basis for this cooperation.

The broader goal is to identify and achieve other shared interests, and to develop them long-term, as well. "We are happy to start the new year on such a high note – Longwood University's long standing reputation for academic excellence and emphasis on citizen leadership inspires our own institutional goals, and sets the tone for great projects to come", states Alexander Zirkler, Executive Director of Lauder Business School.

Longwood University is one of many partnerships that will bear fruit in the near future – a gateway to LBS' brilliant future in the USA.