Student consultancy projects with Coca-Cola and Vodafone

Real-life consulting projects on behalf of companies are part of the International Management and Leadership (IML) master's program at Lauder Business School. In May, second year’s master’s students completed their projects for Coca-Cola and Vodafone successfully. They delivered market analyses and practical recommendations to support the 2 multinational businesses with their sustainability strategies.

What do customers think about reusable packaging and what are customers‘ attitudes toward refurbished and recycled phones? These were the main objectives of the student consultancy projects:

  • Coca-Cola´s World Without Waste initiative aims to have at least 25% of all beverages globally across its portfolio of brands sold in refillable/returnable glass or plastic bottles by 2023.
  • Vodafone’s SwitchToGreen campaign gives its over 20 million phone-buying customers the option to buy refurbished smartphones or trade in their older model for a discount on the newer model.

While these initiatives benefit the environment, they also have economic benefits: recycling helps reduce waste disposal costs and decreases the need for raw materials, and trade-in offers drive customer loyalty.

The IML students helped both companies discern the level of customer awareness, the key drivers that motivate them to take action, the key factors that consumers consider before engaging, and the key barriers that stop consumers from engaging in such initiatives. In both student consultancy projects the masters got to work in teams, practice critical analysis, assess and evaluate current market trends, gather best practices, and contribute with insightful suggestions to Vodafone´s & Coca-Cola´s Brand and Media teams, who in turn were impressed by the students' collaboration, enthusiasm and the excellent cooperation.

From theory to practice

Consulting projects give students the chance to apply the theoretical concepts they learned in class and offer targeted advice. They have the opportunity to exercise their project management skills, adjust to team dynamics, learn from their interactions, and incorporate feedback from senior professionals, building up their confidence and professional experience.

"I am very grateful for this opportunity to work on a real-life project. This experience can hardly be overvalued and will certainly help us succeed in our career path."

Anna Siniaeva, International Management and Leadership master's student