Application and admission

In order to study at an Austrian university of applied sciences (UAS), you have to fulfil certain requirements and apply for admission online. As the number of study places is limited, you also have to complete the application and entrance procedure. The UAS will then decide if you will be admitted to study.  

Entrance requirements

Bachelor's programme

It is best if you find out directly from the university of applied sciences of your choice concerning the exact entrance requirements and the application and entrance procedure. Usually, foreign applicants have to submit a school-leaving certification which is equivalent to an Austrian school-leaving certificate. Certificates issued abroad must be accompanied by notarised translations.

Master's programme

For a Master’s study programme at a university of applied sciences, foreign applicants must have successfully completed a Bachelor’s study programme of at least six semesters in length (min. 180 ECTS points) which is suitable for studies in that field.


Please be aware that you must present proof of sufficient language proficiency for studies in English or in German.

Application and admission

Apply online!

In order for you to take part in the admission procedure to a study programme, you will need to apply online on the website of the university of applied sciences of your choosing and upload the required application documents (translated and notarized!). You can find out which documents are required on the website of the UAS you are interested in.

Please note: There are deadlines for all UAS degree programmes. Each course of study has its own deadline for application. For applicants from third countries, specific, shorter deadlines apply.

Admission procedure

When you have successfully completed the online application and fulfil all of the admission requirements, you will be notified by the university of applied sciences about the further steps in the admission process. There is a specific admission procedure for each study programme. To find out what the specific requirements are for the studies of your choosing, it is best if you contact the individual UAS or consult their website.  

Generally, for admission to a Bachelor’s course of study, a written or oral test and an interview must be completed. Depending on the course of studies, portfolios (e.g. for architecture), samples of work, or practical entrance tests or aptitude tests (e.g. in the healthcare programmes) may be required.  The entrance procedure for a Master’s study programme usually requires a personal interview and, if applicable, the submission of additional documents (projects, samples of work, etc.).


Applicants from non-EU/EEA countries should be sure to apply for a study place on time. To enter Austria to study, you will need a visa and/or a residence permit and will have to submit confirmation that you have been accepted to a study program with your application (at least 3 months before your intended entry). We recommend that you contact your desired university of applied sciences as early as possible to facilitate planning and preparing for your stay and studies.

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