21. Jan 2022
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Successful communication in tourism studies

Claudia Graf-Schmied studied Tourism and Leisure Management at the IMC FH Krems. She graduated in 2013 and has since had an international career. In 2020, Graf-Schmied returned to the FH. As a part-time lecturer, she now teaches "Rhetoric and presentation" in her former degree programme.

"Contributing to the success of the study programme and being able to give something to my students is a beautiful and very fulfilling task. I am simply overwhelmed when I see them grow and succeed", Claudia Graf-Schmied is enthusiastic about her work as a lecturer. She teaches rhetoric, communication and presentation skills to students at the IMC FH Krems with the aim of strengthening their self-confidence and powers of persuasion. She likes to take new didactic approaches and also lets her students train physical presence, body language and voice in the fresh air.

Career booster

Claudia Graf-Schmied knows only too well from her own experience how important self-confidence and persuasiveness are for professional success. In addition to the professional knowledge she acquired during her studies, she has also benefited in her career path above all from the fact that as a student at the IMC FH Krems she learned critical thinking, self-confidence, communication skills, intercultural competence, language skills, teamwork and much more: "Being equipped with all these skills has helped me to accelerate my career!"

Storybook career

Claudia Graf-Schmied started her career in 2013 after completing her Bachelor's degree with a management position in retail at Lidl Austria. She completed her Master's studies in Portugal, Australia and Germany. After an internship at Amazon, she joined McKinsey & Company, one of the leading management consultancies, where Graf-Schmied spent 4 years serving retail and consumer goods clients around the world. She has been Director International Supply Chain Management at ALDI SÜD since November 2021.