21. Jun 2022

Cosmopolitan and communicative

Paz Barsky enjoys working with people from all over the world. That's why she studied International Business Administration at Lauder Business School in Vienna. In 2019, she successfully completed her Bachelor's degree and started her career at Deloitte in Israel. One year ago she moved to Google and is currently working there as an Associate Account Strategist.

Paz Barsky has always been fascinated by how differently people from diverse cultural backgrounds think and view situations. She wanted to learn to understand these differences in order to be able to communicate successfully, across audiences, in an international environment. She acquired the necessary competencies and skills during her education at Lauder Business School (LBS). "In my studies, I learned to develop a people-cantered attitude and work ethic", Paz says. "Both are very important in my current job. I need to understand very different people and be able to adapt my communication style to their needs."

As an Associate Account Strategist, Paz Barsky is responsible for the Israeli market at Google. She supports entrepreneurs from various industries, from small flower stores to fast-growing start-ups. Her role is to help her clients present themselves online in the best possible way and develop their businesses successfully.

Work hard, dream harder

Paz loves what she does and is passionate about her job. She believes in success and that it is important not to give up, to learn from mistakes and experiences and to grow from them. Professionally, it's important for her to always stay open to new ideas: "Everything changes very quickly nowadays, so it's a matter of staying flexible and curious!" Paz plans to continue working closely with people, and she definitely envisions herself in a management position in the future!