02. Dec 2021

Our planet and its ecosystem are increasingly threatened by the impact of economic activities. Only profoundly sustainable changes can save nature from further destruction. Businesses play a crucial role in this. Lauder Business School prepares its graduates during their studies to deal responsibly with these challenges as future leaders.

After decades of unfettered economic expansion, it is becoming increasingly clear that economic growth to date is taking place at the expense of the future. Scarce resources, environmental pollution and climate change show how close we have already come to the planetary boundaries for a safe and good life. Companies are faced with changing their business models towards environmental sustainability due to political regulations, but also out of their own interest. Lauder Business School has therefore introduced new courses on sustainability in its degree programs.

Good management takes environmental aspects into account

In the new courses, students deal with the effects of economic activities on the environment and with the economic analysis of environmental problems, why they arise and how to deal with them politically and entrepreneurially. The aim of the courses is to convey a positive image that companies can change their business models and adapt them to ecological limits, while at the same time reflect critically.

The first "green" course started in the summer semester of 2021 in the International Business Administration program. "The Economics of Sustainability" – the title of the course – takes place in the 4th semester of the Bachelor's program. Starting in fall 2022, the sustainability courses will also be extended to the master's programs. The course "Green Business Models and Sustainability" will then start in the Master's program in International Management and Leadership, and the Master's program in Strategic Finance and Business Analytics will focus specifically on sustainability aspects in financing.

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